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    Maryland Hoopmasters

    At Maryland Hoopmasters, our vision is to help every player become better through hard work discipline and team play. Within the Maryland Hoopmaster, our mission is to give every player an opportunity to play highly-skilled basketball against some of the best teams and players in the country. There are so many youth basketball leagues that are win-loss leagues, which focus on the end result and that's it.  As an organization, our goal is to teach basketball fundamentals and court awareness, or "IQ".  It is our intent that at the end of our time with us the player will be better, stronger and faster than when they began.

    We are more then basketball. SAT & ACT Prep, study sessions, NCAA rules and guidelines, basic life structure disciple, are just a few things we teach. Year to date; we have over 142 players that have moved on to play college basketball, from Community College/NAIA, to Division one. Thousands play high school varsity basketball, hundreds enter college that no longer play and many join our Military to become protectors of our Freedom.

    As we start our 19th year we have plenty to be proud of. The ultimate goal for all of our players/students is to successfully move into the next phase of their lives through higher education. This is where the cohesion of athletics and academics can play a huge role. Grade Point Average, (GPA), makes a huge difference when it comes to deciding what schools you can attend. Playing sports will enhance the college experience but it will not make the college experience. Programs are designed to develop players skills in vast areas of the game. We want athletes to compete and conquer and be a well rounded student of the game.

    We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization run entirely by volunteers; therefore donations in any amount will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your interest in our organization.

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    Maryland Hoopmasters


    The NCAA just recently announced new eligibility relief for college athletes due to COVID-19.

    Each division level offered slightly different rules to give their athletes a year of relief that would not be counted towards their 4 years of eligibility.

    Check out the chart below to see how each division level is treating their response.

    Head here for more info on all things eligibility relief: